In the products IRIDE INTERNATIONAL there is a largest research in materials and excellent aesthetic solutions, such as the beveled edge in ABS or gaskets on all lines of doors and drawers, well placed and easy to clean.


Hinges solid quick release and drawer guides sturdy, quiet, protected against dust deposits, full extension so that you could see all your need, with a system that allows that with a slight touch the drawer is recalled to the closed position .


Tanks inside the drawers for storing with each order your valuable business tool. Beautiful, color matching, delicate and technological, to accompany you in all your work tirelessly through an epoxy powder coating, ensuring uniformity and absence of flaws, even in hidden areas. Wide availability of colors for the frame, doors, drawer fronts and handles.


IRIDE INTERNATIONAL uses only heavy-gauge sheet metal, electrogalvanized. The products are made with innovative methods that reduce the presence of sharp edges or cracks thus avoiding the occurrence of bacteria and facilitating cleaning. Moreover the furniture IRIS are made in the absence of welds, using the system of riveting. Look carefully you can appreciate the quality of materials and finishes, in addition to the soft line and design signed IRIDE INTERNATIONAL.


Great attention is paid to details of construction and to the finish even in hidden areas, for example, the supporting uprights and the legs, the latter acting adjustable in height by means of a simple screwdriver after lifting the bottom of the cabinet.


The hinges are sturdy and quick release and adjustable. The doors Iris are designed so that they can be easily transformed from left to right and vice versa. The furniture drawers can be opened at will at the same time or not, in total security.


Through the wide range of work plans offered by IRIDE INTERNATIONAL includes: Top glass, steel, Korakril, Corian and laminate white, gray and imitation beech.

The glass top thickness of 19 mm are perfectly smooth, rounded, robust and toilets with integrated and can be supplied up to a maximum length of 3.02 m. (4.02 m. Smooth no tub) in various colors visible in a sample.


The top can be supplied in stainless steel with drip edge and backsplash or integrated with ergonomic shapes adapted to applications of PVC edge.


The Top in Korakril Corian and high resistance are supplied with integrated sink and optionally with the backsplash.


The top plastic laminate fireproof and scratch are available with built-in splash and drip edge in finishing "all-white" or chosen backsplash aluminum housing sockets, basins in stainless or ceramic bonded flush floor for a perfect hygiene and cleanliness.


In addition IRIDE INTERNATIONAL offers a range of electronic lamps, powerful, with large luminous field, easily adjustable in many positions by means of a pantograph perfectly balanced.


New, exclusive version of the lamp "LED", powerful, long-lasting, light white 5000 kelvin and that do not attract dust because they work in white light.




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